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StacieAbout three years ago I decided enough was enough, no more excuses for being unhealthy and not working out. For only ten dollars a class, that can’t be beat. I have had personal trainers in the past and got great results, but as soon as I try to do it on my own, my old habits return. Like many, I have zero motivation to workout. I walk into a gym and feel very overwhelmed and self conscious. I know what I should do and how to do it, I just don’t.

Finding the studio has been the best of both worlds for me. I get the one on one training and direction that I need but also the accountability. I have had the opportunity to work out with several different groups of women and have never felt out of place, embarrassed, or self conscious.

I have learned to change my lifestyle and in return, I have lost 61 lbs and become a healthier person. I can honestly say that I enjoy working out and look forward to my classes every week. I never get bored and I am still amazed that all the trainers are able to remind me of muscles I didn’t know or forgot I had. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out the support and guidance from everyone at the studio and for that, I am grateful.

Barb V.

BarbMy journey to health and fitness has been an adventure about understanding myself.

I was asked to try a class at the studio with some friends and weighed in…that was one of my “oh wow” moments. The next was high blood pressure. So I started a eating plan on my own and was dropping some weight but needed more so month later I decided to join the studio.

The studio has been such a blessing for me. I have learned so much and have become stronger and healthier with all the support and encouragement that Kathy, Lindsey and Angel give, along with the women I workout and train with.

I know I always have support and an ear to listen when I struggle and advice to help me over the hump.

This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.

My journey is for me, not for an event or for anyone but time, my health, my life. It may sound selfish, but I’ve realized through this that I matter, and I want to be able to continue being there for my family and my grandchildren.

With the help and support of the studio and all woman who are on their own journeys along side me, I know I will never be the old me again.
And for that, all I can say is Thank You!

Kristi M.

KristiTry and fail, try and fail. That was the story of me trying to lose my weight before finding the studio. The studio taught me that losing weight is not all about just working out but also the food. They want to give you the workout you want but they are there to help you make a change in your lifestyle. The biggest things I have learned so far at the studio is that no matter what is going on in life turning food is never going to be the answer. There will always be trials and temptations but the best way to overcome those is staying in control of your food. The studio has brought so many amazing people in my life and would not trade any of that in for the world. I am still going through life and all that it has to throw at me, learning each step. Dealing with injuries has been the biggest learning opportunities during this journey. Breaking my ankle in the middle of this was horrible, but getting through it made it all worth it. I have now lost over 100 pounds and still working towards my goal.


Hey Kathy you wanted me to email you about the big drop in triglcerides since starting the spinning, exercising and most importantly paying attention to the food. I went from 215 which is considered very high down to 99. My bad cholesterol is down to 79 and most importantly for me my good cholesterol has come up from 22 to 38 (they like to be about 50). These things have been huge health issues for me over the last couple of years so this to me is a big thing.

I appreciate all the positive words and encouragement in the journey not only to the weight loss goals but in overall fitness and just feeling better about myself. So again thank you for that and John as well he makes me want to push past what I think my limits are with each and every class and have fun doing it.

Tammy H.

“Great session last night………..I hated you at the time, but loved it afterwards :). You may turn me into a fitness freak yet!”

“I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1998. I have been on 2 insulin shots, and 8 pills a day for the past 6 years.

Combating this disease has been a daily struggle. I have tried to reduce my blood sugar levels with everything from weight loss (exactly 54 pounds in the last 2 years), minimizing my carbohydrate intake and daily two-mile walks.

Approximately 1 month ago, I began working out with Kathy to aid my weight reduction, increase my body strength, and learn about total nutrition. The additional benefit that I have received is something that I never imagined would (or could) happen.

On May 19th I went to the endocrinologist from my 3 month diabetic check-up. I was told at that appointment that my AC1 blood sugar test (The AC1 test shows a patient’s average blood sugar over a 3-month period) had decreased more than my endocrinologist has seen in any given 3-month period. He asked what I had been doing differently, and I communicated my 3-day a week workouts with fitness trainer Kathy Vallie. He was amazed at the outstanding results that these workouts have had on my overall diabetic health and most importantly on my AC1 test. Kathy’s exercise regime is truly the one thing that I have done since being diagnosed with diabetes that has made such a positive impact on my health.

I am truly thankful for the indisputable effect that Kathy’s workouts have had on me, and most importantly on my struggle with diabetes.”

Shannon B.

I have had gym memberships and even tried personal trainers but Shape Your Life Studios is truly a very unique experience. I love the small groups of just woman. We are an incredible support for each other and I am totally comfortable in putting my all in to the workout without fear of “who’s watching”. I do not have the will power to follow my own routine at home or to make myself go to the gym but at Shape Your Life Studios, I am held accountable, my group is waiting for me! Kathy makes it so fun, she works you hard but you walk out feeling 100% better! It is never the “same ‘ole routine”. She continuously finds new ways to challenge us, new moves, new equipment, new ways to get to the core and makes sure that she is working every part of our body!

The first time I stepped on to a spinning bike I hated it! After 1 spin class, I was addicted! Jon, Kathy and Jill all have a unique technique so even the same ride seems different! I never imagined that I could burn 1,000 calories in 1 hour and the best part is that you are not even sore the next day!!! I love the encouragement, the music and best of all – the results!


LisaLisa is down 32.1 as of July 8th !