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A Life Style Change is needed for permanent weight loss


Trying to find a quick fix or an easy road to weight loss will frustrate you and lead you right back to another “new beginning of trying it one more time”.

Let’s get off the roller coaster of fad diets and make some real changes in our lives. We all truly do have the power within us to make better choices with our eating and with our exercising.

Lifestyle ChangeThere is trend for most women to pick the latest and greatest diet that they hear about on the news and then lose some weight for a few weeks or even maybe for a few months. But then they decide to go off the diet and gain it all back very quickly. Back on the roller coaster….

A life style change should include a new healthy way of eating and having exercise as part of our daily life. Learning to eat in moderation and not in response to our emotions would solve this love affair with food! Let’s put food in its place. Don’t give it so much power over us!

Try eating small portions of 200 or 300 calories 5 or 6 times a day of healthy foods. (1500 calories of day) Fruits and veggies. Chicken and fish. Yogurt and cottage cheese. Cheese sticks, peanuts, almonds, salads, peanut butter, and the list of really good food choices does go on and on.

Try looking at exercise as something for your health that needs to be done every day. You have to brush your teeth every day for your health. You have to bath every day for your health. Let’s exercise every day for the health of it. Make the time for it – write it in as an appointment that you can’t miss just like going to a doctor’s appointment. Why not make time for something for that could truly save your own life.

Once you meet your goal of weight loss by eating the small portions of food mentioned above, then you just increase your calories of these really good for foods and eat at healthy level. You may have a treat once awhile! But learn to do it in a healthy way.

Eating fast food really should stop. Why bring it back after you met your goal? Eating a gallon of ice cream really should stop because that is an old bad habit when you allowed food to rule you. Life style change means YOU HAVE to permanently change SOME things in your life to keep the weight off.

You have to change your eating habits permanently – this does not mean you can’t ever have a piece of pizza – BUT it does mean you can have one piece and not 4 pieces at the same time ever again. Smart choices need to be made every day.

You have to change your habits about exercise permanently. Exercise needs to be a part of your life that you don’t talk yourself out of for whatever reason may come up in life. Exercise should not be last on the list for the day. It should not be looked at like something that you will just see if there is time for today. Make the time.

If you really want to lose weight – you will. Are you ready this time and will you go all the way and make it a LIFE STYLE CHANGE?