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Weight Loss Stories – What will Your Weight Loss Story BE?

Working out is fun at Shape Your Life StudiosHTTPS:// loss stores are so special and personal for all of us! I lost 42 pounds over 10 year ago which helped me start the Studio and build confidence in my life again.  I thought that I could never do it. I looked for the quick fix and spent a lot of money on things that were silly and did not help! But I was desperate. I needed knowledge. I needed information from those experts who knew how about weight loss.  I needed to learn about food labels and portion control. I needed to learn about sugar and what it does to your body!I needed to learn about emotional eating and put food in its place. I have seen hundreds of women over the last 10 years lose weight and change their lives.  You can too. Our studio helps by being a great support system through our Group Training classes and the women themselves who attend.  We share the victories and the sorrows of trying to get better, to stay away from sugar, to exercise more, to sit less, to eat our veggies, to learn how to stop emotional eating.  You will be amazing at how many ladies feel the same way you do right now! Frustrated, alone with lots of questions on how to finally lose weight and keep it off.  How can we learn to skip the fad diets and pill and focus on food choices and exercise? Weight loss is hard!  Weight loss is especially hard for women! Even harder as we get older! Find the time to take care of yourself and you can change your life. You can lose weight!  We can help! Join a small personal training group at our studio!  That is first time! Its hard to walk thru the doors but you can do it!  We will help to learn exercises and offer you a food plan to help you get on track! Call today 616-318-3503HTTPS://

HTTPS://myfitnesspal.comGroup Training Class

Tips to get you moving!

Get Moving

  • Park away from buildings in the parking lot when going to the store, mall or movies.  
  • Always take the stairs whenever you can. 
  • Take short breaks throughout the day and have an exercise band with you at work.  
  • Work the arms on your break.  
  • Take a short walk on your break.  
  • Ask a friend to walk with you and be accountable to each other.   
  • Get up and clean out a closet during commercials if you are watching television.  
  • Do sit ups during commercials.  
  • Sit on your exercise ball while watching television.  
  • Do arm circles while watching television.  
  • Go walk the mall without your money!