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Spinning Techniques

aldred-spinning-bikesWhat’s the proper way to perform jumps?

Jumps are an advanced move that develop strength and balance. With hands in position 2, transition in and out of the saddle with one smooth, controlled movement. For more information on jumps and all of the Spinning program core movements

What’s the proper way to incorporate sprints into my ride?

A sprint is an advanced move in which riders go at an “all out” pace for about 30 seconds. For complete details on how to properly perform sprints,

Why is pedaling backwards not recommended?

Pedaling backwards is risky on a fixed gear bike. If riders try to quickly stop the flywheel while pedaling backwards, the compressive forces on the knee joint can be sufficient enough to tear cartilage or the meniscus. Also, pedaling backwards may hyperextend the legs, which could damage the ACL or other soft tissue of the knee joints. Aside from being risky, a further reason not to do it is that there is no physiological advantage to it. A study in the Strength and Conditioning Journal showed that muscle contribution and metabolic cost were the same for pedaling forward and backward. Lastly, this movement puts the bike at risk as well. Pedaling backwards may eventually unscrew the pedals from the crank arm.