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Tips to putting food in its place


  1. Food ChoicesListen to yourself next time you start to describe a certain food that you “love” to someone else. STOP the love affair with food.
  1. You Do NOT have to eat food just because it is in front of you.
  1. Look at food as fuel for your body to live – you must give it proper nutrition or else you will have health issues one way or another.
  1. Don’t give all your power to food. Who is in control of your OWN life? You or FOOD?
  1. STOP feeding your emotions – feel your emotions and work thru them. Deal with your stress – do not eat your way around the stress because that will NOT make the stress go away – it only adds to it.
  1. Learn to help others by saying no to the cookie…. If you say no that could inspire someone else to say no too!
  1. Saying no to the piece of cake at the Birthday party is not RUDE. Just say no thank you!
  1. There will always be a reason to over eat and to allow yourself to NOT be accountable for what you eat.
  1. Get over using Birthdays, holidays, graduations, births, funerals, going away parties, weddings and whatever other EVENT you can think of as a REASON and excuse to over eat. How will you lose weight if you have to wait for a time when none of these things exist?
  1. If you don’t stand up to FOOD right now – when will you?